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Sweet Sweet Love Messages for Her

Love Messages 1
I can be the pencil you can be the sharpener
You can be the verse I can be the chapter
Like 5 and 6 we can be close like Mary and Martha
Just want to be the reason your smile turns to laughter

Like the wordings of a romantic love letter
So are these wordings of mine on paper
I hope it brings cheers and laughter
Our before may be good but better shall be our after

Ours will read like a love letter
No love story will ever be sweeter
Your sweetness can only get sweeter and not bitter
I’m Strong enough to carry you like a weight lifter

Love Messages 2
I’ll share it on Facebook
I’ll tweet it on twitter
I’ll sign it in the book for worse for better
The sweetness of our love can only get better not bitter

You are killing me softly
Dying is not how I feel but lovely
Boring is not who you are but lovely
You make my house a home you are homely