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My Love for You Expressed in Sweet Words

Love Messages 1
You are number one and I am number two
You love me and I love you too
You are my darling and I am yours too
Your bride when you say I do
Your help when your effort won’t do
I love you I really do

I will be your TV not a radio
I will be audio visual not just audio
High definition when you need a video
I will be the best of everything to you
I will be your hero

I know what love is because it’s what you show me
Close to no other only you really know me
Sweetest lover of me you bring out the best in me
I will forever love you to the best ability of me

Love Messages 2
A thousand kisses from you is never enough
Smoothest of love is all I will give you not rough
I’ll be strong for you I will be tender yet tough
I’m in love with our Love can’t get enough

You are more than someone to just touch
I love you with a love this much
More than lips to just kiss
I will speak life to you I will be your peace
I love you so much and I forever will
So keep calm and be at peace