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Love Messages Inspired for My Sweetheart

I think of you and a smile cross my face
I thank God I found you ready to take you to my mama’s place
My love you are the best
Believe me when I say so

You have being an inspiration
You have being a confidant and a great companion
I delight in your love my soul mate
Favored in the midst of many

My shining star my priceless jewel
My treasure my gem of incontestable grace
My pledge of love to you is unchangeable
My commitment to you is irrevocable

The closer I get to you
The more I realize how sweet love can be
The moment I’m away from you
The more it dawns on me how incomplete I am without you
I want to be there for you
I want you to always be happy you chose me and I chose you

I love you with a love this strong
For you I could pen a love song
No holding back all my love is for you
No letting go I found true love in you
I prayed for this and I have found you