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5 Love Messages Composition

Clearly and obviously you is the one I love dearly
The declaration of my love for you is what I do openly
No hiding no pretending
For all time I’ll be loving you surely

Like the sweetness of honey
So is your love for me
Like the succulence of nectar
So is my love for you
To love you better is my promise to you
Happy are you having me as a lover of you

Dangerously in love with you
Dangerous living is a life of me without you
I’ll do the dangerous to prove my love for you
Seriously serious is my commitment to you

My love for you is more than feeling
Beyond words I’ll be doing not saying
When it’s inconvenient it’s you I’ll still be loving
More than saying my love for you I’ll be showing

To live life without you is like eating rice with no stew
I love my life with you
And I want to live the rest of it with you
No changing it I love you