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Romantic Poems To Express My Love

Never to take my love away from you
Forever I will be the best friend of you
I promise you love with no worries
True romantic tales shall our life together be no sad stories

Am hot but you are way hotter
You are finer than the word fine can convey
Divine beauty in human display
Am cool but you are way cooler
I will love you through the bad and good times and in times much better

Like Romeo’s kiss was sweet to Juliet
So will I be to you there shall be no more regret
Like a loan with no interest I’ll give you peace just be at rest
Sweet is all I promise you all problems shall be under arrest

You are my sweet and nothing tastes better
Honey to my tongue you are sweet not bitter
I will love you in metric tonnes not litre
Forever sweet will be our love not bitter

Together we are one may we never become two
I will love you now, always, and in the future too
In my youth I’ll love you and in my old age too