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What will I become if I ever lose you?
On bended knees I ask the forgiveness of you
Nothing matters to me than your love for me
I thank God every day for given you to me

I love you one hundred percent
My love for you will never grow old it will ever stay recent
For the gentleness and the sweetness of you
I will give my all to be the best for you

My love for you will keep on coming
No holding back my love it’s you I wanna be loving
Sweet love I got for you just wanna satisfy your longing

I plan to grow old with you
No plan to be the heart breaker of you
Just wanna love you the way true love should do

I’ll love you today better than I did yesterday
You inspire me to be the best of me
You have made me a better lover of me
Your love for me is a blessing indeed for me
I’ll keep you forever this I say from deep inside of me