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Best Love Messages Composition

Love Messages 1
Our love is like a play we are the characters
I feel like a book and you are the chapters
Our book of love is with unending chapters
Favor found me when you chose me in the midst of others

Seeing you happy makes me happy
Seeing you go from sad to glad makes me really glad
You can be the mum I can be the dad
We look good together may we never go bad

You give my life a face without you am faceless
You give my life sense without you am senseless
Losing you would be senseless
For your are a jewel to treasure you are priceless
I’ll love you until I go breathless

Love Messages 2
One plus one is two
The love of you and I is true
I need no one else but you
For the better half of me is you
My heartbeat is you and to live the rest of my life with you is what I want to do

You love me and I love you too
I found true love in you
No one else loves me like you do
Only God means more to me than you