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Lovely Love Messages for My Lovely Sweetheart

Love Messages 1
The closer I get to you
The more I fall in love with you
The more I fall in love with you
The more I can’t live my life without you
Over and over again will I love you never to break this heart of you

Never to break this heart of you
Ever to make our love brand new
In the morning I will be your dew
To love you in ways many not few
This and more is my commitment and promise to you

My promise and commitment to you is to be the sweetest lover of you
When it’s easy and when it’s hard too
Our one plus one will never become two
No cheating no lying I will forever be true
I love you

Love Messages 2
You bring out the best in me
You occupy the biggest space in this heart of me
How you fell in love with me is beyond the scope of me

Like an orchestra I’ll follow your direction
My love for you is of a different dimension
My love is for real it’s devoid of bad intention
I’ll shower you with sweet affection
Not to mention I promise you 100% attention
To love you forever that’s my intention