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Romantic Sweet Love Messages you can Send To your Cute Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Love Messages 1
Looking back I’m glad I chose you
Looking ahead I’m grateful I’ll be spending my future with you
Nothing compares with my commitment to you
My everything my better half my boo I love you

You are my everything
The center of my everything
Without you I could get very thin
For the love of you I would give everything
Having you is like having everything
I love you

Like an unending fever
You got me shaking all over
Just a touch and our fight is over
Like an ever flowing river
Ever flowing with loving current
Our love can never be over

Love Messages 2
Your perfection I love it
Your imperfection I can live with it
Your smile your laughter I can’t live without it
You are like my lungs I can’t breathe without it
You complete me and my life is incomplete without you in it

For your smile I could go a thousand miles
To make you happy
I’ll take my time I won’t be snappy
And because I love you dearly
I’m ready to become your baby daddy