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True Love Romantic love Messages

Love Messages 2
Like a car with no fuel can’t move
And a party without music cant groove
So is a me without you not right
I want to be the one to love you right

Am like the baby you are the mama
My is lonely without my caring mama
Just so you know my plan is to love you all the way
Ready to tie the knot without delay

My love for you is plain to see
My love for you is deep beyond the depth of the sea
I love you and I say it,
I love you, you know it
Because I show it

Love Messages 2

I know what I feel for you, it’s real
My heart beat in me for you that’s for real
Take me for my word am in love for real
To be yours forever am ready to sign the deal

I bet you know I love you
To be yours only no doubting you
No worry no fretting never to leave you
These words are true I wrote them for just you