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Love Messages I still Remember

Love Messages 1
I remember your hair;
Silky and will always pass for every woman’s envy
I remember your eyes;
Shiny and never fails to bring me to my knees
I remember your nose;
Elegant and a perfect match for your award winning face
I remember your lips;
Light red and more inviting than the best of wines
I remember your shoulders;
Well balanced and perfect enough to be called a master piece
I remember your mid-section down to your waist;
Perfect enough to make you a queen over all women and an unquenchable thirst for all men
I remember your thighs and legs,
Not in any way different from a magnificent touch of class; giving you a natural catwalk other girls take time to practice
I remember your feet;
Crowned with the cutest toes I’ve ever seen and making you a pleasant rarity even word can’t define
I remember you a touch of meekness;
a touch of class.

The sun never says a word yet it speaks louder than the world can hear
The stars never bother about their looks but always appear lovelier than the human mind can comprehend
The rose never boasts of its color yet it assumes the position of the brightest of flowers
You, my dear, never try to impress yet your class is unrivaled and speaks for itself.

Love Messages 2
Listen to the whispers of the waters and the quietness of the walls and you’ll hear a deafening din from my heart, calling out your name in an unpretending fashion that demonstrates how besotted I am with your love
Listen to the seconds as they eat through the existence of the days and you’ll hear the minutes tell you how for me, a day without the thoughts of you is a day without a touch of life
Listen to the empty sounds of the winds and the rhythms of the trees as they in no time will also bring you a message from me.

Am strong enough to tame a thousand lions
Am brave enough to dare a thousand men
Am sleek enough to swim a thousand seas and walk a thousand miles
But I dare not go a day without a thousand thoughts of you.
By Oluyemisi