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Sweet Love Messages For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You were born to win
In your going out, and coming in
In this endeavor you will surely win
To your success there shall be clapping
In your break through there shall be dancing
Believe it no doubting
You are on the winning side
Greatness is on your inside
You are steps ahead not behind
Forward ever there shall be no rewind
To love you I know I can
To love you forever that’s the plan
To leave you lonely that I can’t
You in my heart at all times like an implant
Why I love you this much make no sense to me
Loving you like am senseless from the inside of me
A fool I am for you even I surprise me
Going all the way for you even I can’t stop me
My love for you is never ending believe these words from me
I will love you in different flavour
Love in harmony for you like soprano and tenor
How I found you is beyond me it’s God’s favour
These words are beyond me they was inspired in your favor